Reducing the
Financial Impacts

of Family Violence

The Economic Abuse Reference Group is an informal group of community organisations which influences government and industry responses to the financial impact of domestic and family violence. Our members include domestic and family violence services, community legal services and financial counselling services.

Initially established to consider recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence in Victoria, EARG has input to national issues such as banking and insurance.  Our Victorian and New South Wales chapters have input to state issues (for example energy, tenancy and fines).  Over 20 organisations contribute to our work.

EARG is funded by the Ecstra Foundation.

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New funding ensures EARG’s work can continue

September 30th, 2020|Latest News|

The Economic Abuse Reference Group (EARG) will continue to contribute to better financial outcomes for people experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV), thanks to a grant from the Ecstra Foundation.  EARG is a network of [...]

New report shows we are making a difference.

April 14th, 2020|Latest News|

We have seen better financial outcomes for family violence victim survivors over the past three years, due to the work of government, regulators and business.  A new report by Carolyn Bond and Dr. Madeleine Ulbrick examines [...]

Family violence, financial abuse and COVID-19

March 30th, 2020|Latest News|

Domestic and family violence increases in times of disaster[1], and services are already reporting an increase in calls for help[2] as a result of COVID-19. Contributing risks include isolation with a violent partner and being [...]


Our members tell Senate Committee today that current responsible lending laws help us support and prevent people experiencing #economicabuse #familyviolence #debtdisaster

Dozens of #DomesticViolence and economic abuse advocacy groups have joined together to urge the Senate Standing Committee on Economics not to recommend the repeal of #safelending #responsiblelending @EconomicAbuseRG) @jennymcallister

If responsible lending laws are rolled back we're concerned we’ll see increase in #economicabuse and less options to support victim survivors. #domesticviolence #debtdisaster

We are worried about impact of removing responsible lending laws on abuse survivors - those laws include steps which can often identify red flags in domestic and family abuse. #debtdisaster

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