Read our guide on credit reporting and economic abuse (for caseworkers).

Credit reporting and Economic Abuse is a guide for financial counsellors and community lawyers produced by EARG and Financial Rights Legal Centre.

Any amendments since publication in May 2022 will appear on this page.

Domestic and family violence to be recognised in Credit Reporting Code (6/3/23)

The Credit Reporting Code will soon include family violence as an example of “circumstances beyond a person’s control” (in addition to current examples natural disaster, bank error or fraud).  While it could take 12 months to formally update the Code, the change has been accepted by the Privacy Commissioner (OAIC) so it would be worth caseworkers requesting removal of defaults in these circumstances.  See our guide Credit Reporting and Economic Abuse.

ASIC confirms lenders can withhold credit reporting information in DFV circumstancces (8/7/22).

ASIC has adopted a no-action position to enable large banks (‘eligible licensees’) to withhold the reporting of certain credit information on consumer credit reports where reporting the information could lead to consumer harm, including where a consumer may be the victim of family violence.

ASIC has also advised credit providers that they can avoid providing notice about a variation to a joint borrower (as required by the legislation) in DFV circumstances.