Family violence training providers

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 Some of the training provided by not-for-profit organisations for Australian businesses (and government departments etc).

  • “S” = training focuses on responding to staff in the workplace
  • “C” = training focuses on responding to customers

Supporting staff (S) – All businesses and government departments should consider training to enable staff and managers to prevent, identify and respond to family violence within their business.

Supporting customers (C) – Some businesses and departments also need training to respond to family violence issues facing their users/customers.

Australia wide

(S & C) Good Shepherd Australia & New Zealand

A range of on-line and face-to-face training programs focused on responding to customers.  Runs programs in conjunction with WIRE to cover internal staff issues as well as responding to customers.

 (S & C) Uniting Kildonan

Uniting Kildonan provides a range of face to face and online training programs Australia-wide across all industries to enable them to respond to family violence internally, and to assist customers. Uniting Kildonan also offers consultancy services to assist in the development of organisational training and policies.


(S & C) WIRE

WIRE offers a range of Professional Development training options that can be tailored specifically for your workplace and staff needs. If the topic you are after is not listed, please ask. Training offerings include,

  • Dealing with difficult phone calls
  • Understanding family violence,
  • Understanding financial abuse
  • Understanding women’s relationship with money
  • Working with women
  • Bringing intersectional practice into your daily work




(S) Cumberland Women’s Health Centre Inc (NSW)

Provides a training program to assist staff and managers in identifying signs of domestic violence, dealing with domestic violence, services available for domestic violence and intervention strategies.


 (S) Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria

‘Don’t Walk Past’ – taking action in the workplace to end harassment and gendered discrimination. This program provides resources and materials for staff to have the knowledge and skills needed to identify workplace culture that contribute to family violence. The program teaches participants strategies how to challenge attitudes that disrespect women and how to create a ‘respectful and equitable work environment’.

(S) safe steps (VIC)

The safe steps education team provides support to employers to promote a workplace culture that ensures appropriate support available for any employee experiencing domestic violence. This is achieved by providing a template that supports the development of workplace family violence policies and procedures including workplace safety planning


 (S) Domestic Violence Crisis Service (ACT)

A one-day session on responding and supporting victims of domestic violence.


(S) Support Help and Empowerment (SHE) (Tasmania)

Community educator-led training programs that provide training to prevent violence against women, responding to clients that experience domestic violence and address the factors that cause family violence. The program also provides training to enhance workplace culture to be more responsive to gender issues and family violence and how to work in a family violence framework