EARG doesn’t endorse any particular training organisation for domestic and family violence (DFV) training.  However, if you choose a not-for-profit (NFP) provider the providers are likely to be informed by the experience of their organisation (or member organisations) which work directly with people who have experienced DFV.

See our training good practice guide and our guidance on factors to consider when choosing a training provider.

Three key training areas

Businesses tell us that there are three key areas of  training they are seeking, and we use these to describe each provider’s program/s:

  1. All staff – General awareness training for employees to improve staff well-being and as background for further training .
  2. Front-line, customer-facing staff – Responding to customers, and identifying potential signs of DFV and referring on. This would usually be planned and presented in collaboration in the business to take into account the particular business and its processes  (Generally A would be included or be a pre-requisite).
  3. Internal specialists  (eg in hardship/vulnerability teams) – (Generally A and B would be included or be a pre-requisite)

In addition, some staff may require specially tailored training depending on the industry and their roles, for example:

  • staff who manage (and support) front-line staff who may be responding to customers experiencing DFV; and
  • staff responsible for designing products and processes.
Organisation Training areas

(see above)

Delivery method/s
Other relevant training provided (for businesses)
Further information & Contact
DVConnect A





Domestic Violence Crisis Service A Full day – face to face

Provided once or twice per year.

See website.


Full Stop Australia A,B,C Open Training events

Face to face, group based learning at your preferred location

Facilitated on-line workshops

Self paced- e-learning

Tailored sessions for team planning and strategy days

Workplace policy and practice reviews including investigations

Ethical Leadership Development Programs for middle and senior leaders

Workplace responses to domestic, family and sexual violence

Understanding and responding to Vicarious Trauma

Training | Full Stop Australia


Good Shepherd Aust/NZ A,B,C Online (1-hour virtual session followed by a 1-hour self-directed eLearning module then a 1-hour interactive session (later in the week) using case scenarios or face to face training


bespoke family violence training and capability building

policy development support

strategic research and evaluation

Offers post training in-depth workshops to further explore case studies for customer facing staff . For a full range of training offerings see GSANZ website



Relationships Australia A On site or online https://www.relationshipsvictoria.com.au/training/training/course/166/11

(03) 8573 2222


Uniting A,B,C Online, face to face, e-learn training.  Can be tailored to the client requirements.  Standard offering is a 3 hours session, with a follow up elearn to embed the learnings with tailored training for managers and team leaders Conduct diagnostic reviews ,offer policy and procedural expertise,

training in areas such as:

vulnerability and financial hardship,

how to deal with sensitive situations such as trauma, suicide ideation and addiction and

staff self care.

Provide consultancy and training services tailored to organisational needs.  This includes, policy and procedure development, staff capacity building, develop of bespoke training to enhance organisational requirements.

We draw on the combined wisdom and experience of our DFV programs including our Men’s Behaviour Change programs, family violence financial counselling, and programs supporting women living with and re-establishing after leaving.




WIRE A,B,C In person or online WIRE can provide training to industry on issues around gender, family violence, trauma-informed workplaces and financial abuse.

WIRE has provided consultancy around policies and practices and one-on-one coaching for people leaders and customer facing staff working with women, nonbinary and gender diverse people.

Mia McDonald ( training manager)

P0405 343 628