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All information is produced by the Economic Abuse Reference Group with input from members, or is material that we believe demonstrates good practice.

Guidance and good practice

The following guides have been developed to assist businesses (or government departments) when developing policies to assist customers who have experienced family violence.

We explain ten key principles for customer family violence policies.  Can be used as a checklist when developing, or reviewing, policies.

For businesses starting to think about developing family violence policies for customers, or staff – some tips on how to start.

What are the considerations when planning staff training?  What questions should you ask a potential training provider?

Where can you refer customers who are experiencing family violence?  We recommend providing a short list of options for staff, and we recommend what services should be on that list.

Simple processes for requesting and obtaining documents are good for all customers – and particularly those experiencing family violence.

Recognising Family Violence

An overview of family violence and economic abuse by Economic Abuse Reference Group

Guidance produced by Business and Regulators

Industry guideline: Financial abuse and family and domestic violence policies, Australian Bankers Association, November 2016

Moving Towards Better Practice – Implementing family violence policies in the Victorian water sector, Essential Services Commission Victoria, May 2017.  A guideline for water businesses but contains useful good practice examples and case studies.

Addressing Financial Abuse: A Domestic and Family Violence Community Resource Guide New South Wales by Commonwealth Bank and Domestic Violence NSW.  While aimed at family violence workers and is NSW specific, most of the information is relevant more broadly.

Addressing financial abuse – A framework to help banks, other creditors and advice providers challenge financial abuse in intimate partner relationships (Citizens Advice UK and British Bankers Association).

Specialist community organisations

Are you looking for input from specialist community organisations to your family violence policies/processes?   Our Victorian members include family violence services, financial counsellors and community legal centres.

Some provide training and other services to help business responses to vulnerable customers (including on family violence issues) for a fee.

Some members may be able to provide input to industry as part of their policy and advocacy role – particularly if that input is likely to have broad impact (for example, to an industry body rather than individual businesses).

We also work closely with a number of interstate and national organisations.  If you’re not sure who to contact, we may be able to help.   Contact EARG 


Panel involving @WIREwomensinfo @McAuleycsw @ThrivingCP @EconomicAbuseRG @WesternCLC discuss the junctures in a woman’s trajectory out of family violence that offer ‘teachable moments’ to restore financial capability.

Hearing @SkyeHawkins18 from Westjustice @WesternCLC talk about benefits of financial counsellors working with family violence services at forum today with @WIREwomensinfo & @dvvic

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