Industry Specific Guidance
General Guidance

All information is produced by the Economic Abuse Reference Group with input from members, or is material that we believe demonstrates good practice.

Domestic and family violence – guidance and good practice

The following guides have been developed to assist businesses (or government departments) when developing policies to assist customers who have experienced family violence.

Family Violence – Good Practice Principles (Good Practice Guide)

We explain ten key principles for customer family violence policies.  Can be used as a checklist when developing, or reviewing, policies.

Family Violence Guide – Making a Start

For businesses starting to think about developing family violence policies for customers, or staff – some tips on how to start.

Why do family violence programs focus on violence against women?

A brief response which may be useful when responding to genuine questions from staff.

Family Violence Guide – Staff Training

What are the considerations when planning staff training?  What questions should you ask a potential training provider?

Find a not-for-profit training provider

Some of the training available for Australian businesses (and government) from not-for-profit providers.

Family Violence Guide – Referral Options

Where can you refer customers who are experiencing family violence?  We recommend providing a short list of options for staff, and we recommend what services should be on that list.

Family Violence Guide – Providing Documents

Simple processes for requesting and obtaining documents are good for all customers – and particularly those experiencing family violence.

Recognising Family Violence

Family Violence and Economic Abuse

An overview of family violence and economic abuse by Economic Abuse Reference Group

Signs of Financial Abuse – ASIC Website
Early Warning Signs – Safe Steps