Residential Tenancy Family Violence and Tenancy – for Estate Agents and Landlords. Consumer Affairs Victoria publication.

BankingIndustry guideline: Financial abuse and family and domestic violence policies, Australian Bankers Association, Updated April 2021

Addressing Financial Abuse: A Domestic and Family Violence Community Resource Guide New South Wales by Commonwealth Bank and Domestic Violence NSW. While aimed at family violence workers and is NSW specific, most of the information is relevant more broadly.

Some banks have published their domestic and family violence responses/policies including Commonwealth Bank, Westpac,

Financial services – The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) have published approach to Joint Facilities and Family Violence.

EnergyFamily violence resources for business – Essential Services Commission (Victoria)

WaterMoving Towards Better Practice – Implementing family violence policies in the Victorian water sector, Essential Services Commission Victoria, May 2017. A guideline for water businesses but contains useful good practice examples and case studies.

Telecommunications Tips for phone and internet providers – assisting consumers experiencing family violence (Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman).

Communications Alliance: Assisting Customers Experiencing Domestic and Family Violence

Banking (from UK) Addressing financial abuse – A framework to help banks, other creditors and advice providers challenge financial abuse in intimate partner relationships (Citizens Advice UK and British Bankers Association).