Responding to Financial Abuse Report 2020  -Community, business and government responses to the financial impacts of family violence in Australia (January 2020)  Carolyn Bond and Madeleine Ulbrick

Responding to Financial Abuse Report Carolyn Bond, Stephanie Tonkin and Ciara Sterling (2018) – A history of recognition and responses to economic abuse in Victoria.

The Duluth Model – Power and Control Wheel.  Clear infographics and videos help to explain coercive control and  financial abuse.

Family Violence and General Insurance – Desktop audit of family violence policies (August 2021).

Economic Abuse between Intimate Partners in Australia: Prevalence, Health Status, Disability and Financial Stress, Jozica kiting, Roslyn Russell and Mike Reid (2017)

Family Violence – Accurate Use of Key statistics.

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Helping Not Hindering: Uncovering Domestic Violence & Utility Debt, A CUAC Research Report  (August 2017)

Economic Abuse: Searching for Solutions – A Spotlight on Economic Abuse Research Report, A joint project of Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service and Kildonan UnitingCare, by Tanya Corrie and Magdalena McGuire (2013)

Guidance for Employers: Fact sheet: Domestic and family violence – a workplace issue, a discrimination issue (Human Rights Commission)

For Employers (Domestic Violence Resource Centre Vic)

Royal Commission into Family Violence (Victoria) recommendations on financial/economic issues.