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Quoting Accurate Statistics

Family Violence – Accurate Use of Key statistics.

Research Reports

Responding to Financial Abuse Report 2020 Carolyn Bond and Madeleine Ulbrick (March 2020) – From the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence

Responding to Financial Abuse Report Carolyn Bond, Stephanie Tonkin and Ciara Sterling (2018) – A history of recognition and responses to economic abuse in Victoria.

Missing Voices (2020)  Eliza Venville, Victim-Survivor perspectives on the impact of reforms to the Victorian water business customer services codes 2017

Economic Abuse between Intimate Partners in Australia: Prevalence, Health Status, Disability and Financial Stress, Jozica kiting, Roslyn Russell and Mike Reid (2017)

Restoring Financial Safety – Legal Responses to Economic Abuse, Owen Camilleri, Tanya Corrie, Shorna Moore, Good Shepherd Youth & Family Services & Wyndham Legal Service Inc (2015)

Helping Not Hindering: Uncovering Domestic Violence & Utility Debt, A CUAC Research Report  (August 2017)

Economic Abuse: Searching for Solutions – A Spotlight on Economic Abuse Research Report, A joint project of Good Shepherd Youth & Family Service and Kildonan UnitingCare, by Tanya Corrie and Magdalena McGuire (2013)

Guidance for Employers: Fact sheet: Domestic and family violence – a workplace issue, a discrimination issue (Human Rights Commission)

For Employers (Domestic Violence Resource Centre Vic)

Royal Commission into Family Violence (Victoria) recommendations on financial/economic issues.